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Hot off the Virtual Press!

If you’re a reader of my blog, you’ll recall that my advice to authors and would-be authors is to sit down at the keyboard and write. Write every day. If you’re not writing, work on the plot. If you ever intend to write as a professional, you can’t wait for the ‘muse’ to strike.
I take my own advice. We’re approaching the end of July, and I published my 11th novel, NEO: Near Earth Objects, yesterday (on Amazon).
So what does this have to do with ‘write every day’? It’s the third novel this year. I published The Ship last December. Since then, I’ve published the second book of the series, NFI: New Frontiers, Inc in March, The Return, the fourth book in the Darwin’s World series in mid-May, and NEO yesterday. I’ve got four months to go…and I’ve already got two new projects waiting on my desktop.
Take a look at NEO; I think it’s my best book ever. It’s $3.99 to buy, free to borrow if you have a Kindle Unlimited account. I hope you like it.


Countdown Deal; Veil of Time

Veil of time, the fourth in the Wizards-ESP series and my latest novel, is available today for $0.99 through an Amazon Countdown Deal. The price will rise in about 24 hours.
As with all my books, it’s available free through your KU/Prime subscription.


Progress, and other stuff

An update: I sent off Chapter 9 of The Ship this morning, which means I’m about a third of the way through the book.
There are holdups, however, which have nothing to do with writing. First there was the Anniversary, which went off very well. Since then, it’s been one medical/dental procedure after another, some for me, some for my son John. He needed transportation there and back after wisdom teeth extraction, so I was happy to help out. I’m getting my own teeth worked over, including ‘preventive’ fillings. One yesterday, and three next week. Sigh. Then there are the pre-surgery exams, etc. I’m working part-time at best.
Sales and borrows are going well; this will be my best month ever, and it’s not over yet.
For you budding authors: Amazon’s new borrowing system promises to be very nice for me. As you know, I write mostly novels, and Amazon says they’ll begin paying by the page read instead of a flat rate for each borrow. We’ll see how that works in practice, but it should pay those of us who write longer works more while paying the short-story and novella writers less. Personally, I’m happy to see the change.

Countdown Deal

Talent, the third Novel in my Wizards-ESP series, is on sale for a few more hours as part of a Kindle Countdown Deal. It started today with a sale price of $0.99, but it will increase by another step sometime tomorrow. My short story Ants is free for the next day or two.
Here’s the link: http://www.amazon.com/Talent-Paranormal-Thriller-Wizards-Book-ebook/dp/B00MJ5LBL6/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1427166195&sr=1-1&keywords=jack+l+knapp

Writing, etc.

Published Veil of Time on Amazon, began research for the next book the next day. I’m up to Chapter Three of The Ship, the first in a planned series. This one is hard-science SF, unlike my previous soft-science novels and fantasy novella.
I’ve also got enough information to begin writing the fifth novel in the Wizards Series. This one has a working title of Siberian Wizard and it takes up where Veil of Time left off.
I can’t promote Veil of Time yet; no reviews and Amazon won’t even allow a Countdown Deal until the book has been on their site for a month. So I’m promoting Combat Wizard instead; quite often, a first-in-a-series book leads to sales of other books in that series. With luck, Veil of Time will see some sales and maybe even a few reviews. Meantime, I’ve been posting this in various author sites on Facebook:
Combat Wizard, the first in a series of four Paranormal-ESP novels, is on sale today as part of a promotion. It’s $0.99 to purchase, free with your KU or Prime subscription.

Veil of Time: Progress

Veil of Time currently contains 68 000 words and it’s almost finished. One more chapter, two at the most, and it’s written. The cover is nearly complete too.
I’ll take a couple of days, correcting things i know about, then do a final edit. One week, two perhaps, and it will be ready for publication.It’s been challenging. Read the book and you’ll understand why.


I’ve been very busy recently; it’s why I haven’t had time to write on this blog.
Books, to me, have an early section, a middle section, and a concluding section. Others describe this differently, as character arc and so forth, but to me, I introduce characters, concepts, and challenges in the first part. The second part develops those, especially the challenge that the main character faces. If there are several characters involved, I’ll also expand the roles they play. This sets the book up for the conclusion.
A kind of madness takes over when I reach that mid-part. I feel driven, anxious, if I’m not able to write. It’s not unusual to write a chapter each day while I’m developing that section.
I reach the ‘conclusion’, which usually involves an additional ten chapters and 20 000 words or more. I know I’m into that part of the book when I pass the 50 000 word count. The manuscript has officially reached ‘novel length’ when it passes 50k words.
Veil of Time is now at 52 000 plus words, things are moving rapidly, a certain amount of foreshadowing has been done. Readers can now begin attempting to anticipate the endings. This is where you, the reader, will be tempted to thumb through the remainder of the book to see if you have indeed guessed how it will end.
I’ve done it myself, more than once. Yes, I confess; I often turn to the end of the book when I think I’ve figured it out! But as an author, it’s time for me to hide that ending in the Big Twist.  The last major changes don’t happen by accident, you know; we authors enjoy playing with our readers’ imaginations!
Veil of Time is now in the ‘Little Switch’ portion, and after that it will be time to carry through the Big Switch to the conclusion. I anticipate publishing the novel on Amazon in May. I haven’t yet decided whether to offer Advance Reader Copies or Pre-Orders, and option Amazon allows.
Meantime, Veil is the fourth novel in the Wizards Series; the other books are Combat Wizard, Wizard at Work, and Talent. If you haven’t read them yet, you can find them by following the link below. They’re free if you have a Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime account.