I began writing last year. Since that time, I’ve written more than 400 000 words. I’ve always written the best book I could at the time, but as I learned more of the craft, I’ve begun going back and extensively revising my novels. If you saw them before as a beta reader, you should know that the books on Amazon aren’t the ones you saw.

I’m a retired soldier, retired teacher of science, Mensa member, Facebooker, experimenter. My nonfiction is often published on my other blog, jlknapp505.com. You might like what you find there.

I have many interests and have had others in the past; experience, along with research, is the stuff that colors my books. As an example, one book has information about horses. I was a horse owner, rider, and breeder for several years. My name is in the AQHA breeder’s records, so I know a bit about the subject. I try to follow that rule, always base a story on experience or extensive research. What I write about I’ve often done. But it’s science fiction, so I’ve not done everything in the books!

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  1. Jack, have read your posts on LinkedIn and wondered what the acronym ENT stands for?

    Like you, I’m a new selfpublished author but in non-fiction. Have a memoir with an agent being shopped around and a second selfpubbed book ready for release in February.

    Like to read your posts that follow the numbers and will have to review your technical blog. One thing I can pass along to give more visibility is to place one of your eBooks on KDP Select and do a paid ad on BookYell.com They make use of the Unlimited borrowing program to boost visibility for the book. It got my book to #1 in the Top 100 List in its genre for three days in a row and the borrowing fees more than paid for the ad.

    Being on the Top 100 alone gets the news around, but I also posted the news to all my relevalt social media and email lists. This gave great visibility and resulted in vastly increased sales of both paper and eBooks.

    1. ENT stands for Ereader News Today; they send out a daily announcement featuring books on sale or free, usually about 25 or 30 per mailing. I think they’ve got a few thousand people who are subscribed to the service, and usually the subscribers are looking for book bargains. I’ve seen the same book featured in two separate listings, usually about three months apart; I conclude from this that the authors of those books think it works. I’ll find out, beginning this weekend. Darwin’s World goes on sale Friday for $0.99 and I’ll leave it at that for the weekend. Will people be interested enough to buy The Trek or the books in the Wizards series? If they don’t, I’ve wasted my time and the money I paid for the ad.

  2. When will the third book of your DARWIN’S WORLD trilogy be released? Are there more stories in this universe available? Thank you for a most enjoyable read!

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