Welcome to my blog. I’m Jack L Knapp, indie author and writer.
This blog will be devoted to my fiction writings, currently being offered through Amazon. I have written four novels in two series and two are available now:
The Wizards Trilogy has Combat Wizard (4.5 stars as of this morning), Wizard at Work (5 stars), and Talent (not yet ready for publication.
To avoid possible disappointment, let me point out that the ‘wizard’ isn’t; he’s a psi with certain extraordinary abilities. And the combat part is finished by the middle of book one.
Wizard at Work follows the protagonist(s) in a different direction; it’s not like the first book, taking the main characters in a different direction. Talent hands them different challenges, exploring another theme.
Darwin’s World is quite different; no psi’s, but again it’s based on science. Book one, Darwin’s World, explores what happens when you’re given perfect freedom. Book two constrains that freedom in a sense, as will book three when it’s ready.
And there are two other novels/series churning in my bubbling brain!
I’ll post excerpts from the books (I want to sell them, after all!) and from time to time information about my writing. I may also post complete short stores, so come by often.

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