Some write for the fun of it. I did that in the beginning. I was an amateur and never intended to take that next step. But I did, and I’ve never looked back.
Traditionally published authors, the names you see on the NY Times Bestseller Lists, do nothing but write and occasionally do a book signing to boost sales. The publisher hires the experts, the editors, proofreaders, and formatters.
I have submitted one manuscript to a traditional publisher. That was about two months ago and I don’t expect to collect that first rejection slip for another four months. Maybe longer. Because that’s the way it is; write, hire an agent to peddle your manuscript around, and write more. Note that I’ve not earned a penny from that traditional publisher, and probably never will. Thousands of manuscripts are submitted ‘over the transom’; tens from unknown authors are accepted for publication. If that many.
But you don’t have to do that, not now. Electronic books were the future of publishing ten years ago. Today they’re the present.
I’m waiting to hear from that traditional publisher, but meantime I’m earning money from my writing. You can too.
Writing is my business; I earn money, keep records of income and expenses, and pay taxes. Part of the business is being my own publisher, in effect cutting out the middle man.
I hire experts to do what I can’t, just as traditional publishers do. But the more I do myself, the greater my profit.
Next essay will deal with Formatting your manuscript for electronic and print publishing.

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  1. True!
    I’ve never tried to use any outside assistance.
    I just began writing for publication this January, 2017.
    I will unpublish in a minute if I see the need!
    Take time to learn the craft, and read the blogs for great suggestions and tips.
    Toni Mariani Author

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