Controversy, updated

That ‘controversial book’, the Ship, sold well enough to take on a life of its own. The sales continue, although not at the same pace as last month. But it was enough for me to put aside my other book, half finished at that point, and finish writing the sequel to The Ship. This one is called NFI: New Frontiers, Inc. The main characters are still there, most of them, but the company itself plays a large part in the story.
What happens when a company becomes so successful that even nations perceive it to be a threat? When massive transfers of wealth upset the status quo?
That’s the backdrop for the story. Meanwhile, the characters behave like people as best I could write them, they have human emotions, human failings, good guys aren’t exclusively good, bad guys aren’t always bad, triumph and tragedy happen in no discernible order, much as happens in real life. And since the book is ‘hard science’ fiction, there will be a lot of science (most of it as real as I could make it) and engineering.



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6 thoughts on “Controversy, updated

  1. I’m loving this series. Id like to be a beta reader if you need one. I’ve enjoyed all of your books I’ve read so far!

  2. Jack I really love the NFI series, do you have a date yet for book 3 in this series?
    Thank you for your writing.

    1. That book is out, as is the sequel, and I’m working on book five, MARS. The series is The Ship, NFI, NEO, and BEMS; I’m currently on MARS.
      Apologies for the slow replies; I’ve had health issues. I just got a pacemaker installed Monday 3/13/17.

  3. To me, The Ship isn’t as much controversial as slower paced. It’s a procedural rather than action/adventure. I get that and enjoyed the story very much.

    1. It is. I wanted to look at different approaches. I’m still doing that, in the Work In Progress (MARS),
      How would humans settle Mars, how would they design their new government, and how would they interact with the E-T Flickers?

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