I wrote a controversial book. I didn’t intend it that way, but that’s what happened.
I made a number of choices when writing the book. I chose to include science and engineering, as well as references to math. But no equations, just discussions. The book isn’t space opera, it was never intended to be.
I also chose to omit  descriptions of several scenes. There’s a rape, there’s sex, there’s a sudden disruption in a relationship. None of these are explicitly described; the reader must supply details from his/her imagination.
I also used considerable dialogue. Some felt that slowed down the action.
As a result, reviews are all over the place. One felt I left out a chapter and told me to go back and put it in. I didn’t; that was the way I wrote the book, some things inferred, not explicit. I tried to make it like real life. Real people aren’t omniscient, and often violence happens in boardrooms. Homes are foreclosed on, workers are laid off, healthcare denied, things like that. Disaster happens, and finding out who to blame is often impossible.
After some twenty reviews, all of them honest, those who like more science and less action love the book. Those who want more action, less science, are ambivalent at best. One said the book didn’t hold his interest, so he quit. And gave it a one star rating, despite not having read the book. Go figure. I’ve abandoned hundreds of books, including the Harry Potter series and the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo series. Both were bestsellers, but I didn’t care for them. I didn’t feel it necessary to give them a bad review, however.
To each his own. If you like Science with your Science Fiction, you might like The Ship. If you want blood and mayhem, you’d be better off with The Trek.

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7 thoughts on “Controversy

  1. I really enjoyed the ship. The entire premise is great. I’m really looking forward to where the series goes! Don’t let the naysayers get you down. 5*.

  2. Jack – tried to respond on Amazon to your comment about my review of Darwin’s World but I’m incompetent when it comes to computers so… anyway, thanks for that comment. I really enjoyed the book and have already bought The Trek. Liked this blog post too… once got a 3-star review for a book after the “critic” admitted she only read 5 pages… weird how some people think.

  3. I just finished the book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I quite literally could not put it down. I do acknowledge that that you got my interest with a protagonist who was a disabled Vet who went to college on the GI bill. I am a disabled Vet who went to college on the GI bill and a small disability (20%), now raised to 50 percent because of Prostate Cancer residuals.

    1. I’m a vet with only a small disability, but the bigger issues weren’t apparent at the time. During my Army service I had a number of back issues and also angina.
      Neither were acting up at the time, but my allergies were, so I got 10% for what was essentially a runny nose!
      As for the back, a disc simply vanished; it ruptured, was resorbed, and the vertebrae grew together. Very unpleasant (but a bad back became an early plot device in Darwin’s World). As for the heart, I had a heart attack shortly after retiring and I just got a pacemaker installed on 3/13/17.
      And the nose still runs during pollen season…

  4. Hey Jack

    Just finished book 2 of the NFI series. Both 5 stars. Loved the science and practical explanations so perhaps that is one of the attractions.
    Fretting over when book 3 will appear? May have to check out your other creations in the interim now I have discovered your talented storytelling!
    All the best

    Anthony Duncombe
    Stratford, 3862, Victoria

    1. Thanks, Anthony! Apologies for the slow reply. Australia and how it might deal with future changes is part of the plot for the New Frontiers Series.
      In case you haven’t been aware, the next two books in that series are out and I’m working on book five, MARS.

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