I’ve been neglecting my blogs for a couple of months, and there’s a reason.
On July 15th, I had knee replacement surgery. The surgery went well, the recovery less so. I ended up staying more than a week in the hospital and the rehabilitation hospital; as it happened, when I tried to exercise and use my new knee (painful!), my blood pressure dropped. But eventually I got out, then went through a rehab process that got me walking and climbing stairs. There’s still quite a bit of pain, but as long as I don’t overdo it, I can deal with the pain. And that without drugs, which is a major accomplishment.
I’m only now beginning to write, and the first thing I did was decide my work-in-progress needed reworking. I can eventually use most of the 50 000 words I had written by then, but it’s going slow.
Still, if I can just write a little something, maybe half a chapter a day, I’ll soon be back in the groove.

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