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A shock yesterday; a fellow writer I admired died the night of June 1st-2nd. He’s the only other author to do a guest essay here. Bruce Bretthauer, you’ll be missed.

I’m up to Ch 5 of The Ship; the first part is harder because it’s slower. Lots of background to fill in. I put in as much action as possible to keep people interested, but it should begin going faster now.

I mulled over Darwin’s World; I’ve had comments that the first part of the book is a bit slow, too survivalish. I’ve gone  back and tweaked two chapters to add precursors to major themes that happen later in the book. If you get a notice that the book you bought has been changed, the download is free. It makes the book a better read. I don’t mind going back and improving something to make it a better product.

The Trek is on sale until tomorrow for $0.99. Here’s your chance to pick up a copy cheap; this one, unlike most of my other books, is not on KU. It’s also on sale through Google Books, Apple, B&N-Nook, Kobo, and other outlets.

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