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Countdown Deal; Veil of Time

Veil of time, the fourth in the Wizards-ESP series and my latest novel, is available today for $0.99 through an Amazon Countdown Deal. The price will rise in about 24 hours.
As with all my books, it’s available free through your KU/Prime subscription.


Progress, and other stuff

An update: I sent off Chapter 9 of The Ship this morning, which means I’m about a third of the way through the book.
There are holdups, however, which have nothing to do with writing. First there was the Anniversary, which went off very well. Since then, it’s been one medical/dental procedure after another, some for me, some for my son John. He needed transportation there and back after wisdom teeth extraction, so I was happy to help out. I’m getting my own teeth worked over, including ‘preventive’ fillings. One yesterday, and three next week. Sigh. Then there are the pre-surgery exams, etc. I’m working part-time at best.
Sales and borrows are going well; this will be my best month ever, and it’s not over yet.
For you budding authors: Amazon’s new borrowing system promises to be very nice for me. As you know, I write mostly novels, and Amazon says they’ll begin paying by the page read instead of a flat rate for each borrow. We’ll see how that works in practice, but it should pay those of us who write longer works more while paying the short-story and novella writers less. Personally, I’m happy to see the change.

Work, and discounts

So much going on…I haven’t had a lot of time to write, but I’ll get back to it when the current series of crises are over.
But sales and marketing efforts go on. Today it’s Darwin’s World, available for $0.99. For that matter, all my books are free through your Prime or Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Amazon’s New Policy for Authors

For authors, and for readers:
I suspect Amazon just drove a stake into the heart of traditional publishing. Allow me to explain.
If you’re a voracious reader, Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program is the best thing you’ve ever found. Just think, pay a $10/month subscription fee and read as many books as you want! Imagine a library with hundreds of thousands of books waiting to be checked out, and you can select ten of those and keep them as long as you like. As soon as you read the first book, return it and borrow another.
The only fly in the ointment is the selection; not many NYT Bestselling authors put their books in the Select program, so they’re not eligible for borrowing through KU. You do get access to a few bestsellers, but most are books written by Independent authors and publishers.
The drawback for authors is that a borrow through KU or Amazon Prime nets the author only about $1.33, half of what a sale would bring. Until now, a borrow of a 10-page short story earned exactly the same as a borrow of a 300-page novel.
That’s about to change.
Starting next month, Amazon will begin paying authors by the number of pages that a borrower reads. Their example indicated that an author with a 200-page novel that gets borrowed 100 times (using figures that may or may not be true) and read all the way through would earn about $1000.
My books tend to run in the 250-plus page length, and I’ve already had more than 100 borrows this month.
Good for me, not good for the writers of short stories. And it’s a huge source of new cash for authors, which means that you can expect to see lots of NYT Bestselling authors sign up for Select so they can get some of the pie. The hook? If you’re in select, you can’t digitally publish on Apple or B&N or any of the other publishers.
Lots of books from traditional publishers are showing up now as digital editions, but not on Select; they sell for twice to three times what an independent author gets, and they aren’t available for borrowing. But when the borrows begin paying almost as much as a sale, expect to see in influx of bestsellers. Which will bring in more KU subscribers. At the expense of Apple, B&N, Random House, etc.
Some will continue to buy paper-and-ink books, but price trumps almost everything. Prediction? Probably lawsuits, although I can’t see a basis for it. But the lawyers are sharpening their pencils now, because this is going to cost a lot of wealthy publishing houses huge amounts of money. There will be a huge influx of new subscribers to Amazon’s KU program. The subscription price may go up, even double, but it’s still a good deal for the avid reader. One hardback, $25, vs maybe a hundred high-quality books for less. LOTS of books available to read.
But only through Amazon.
RIP, traditional publishing.

Countdown Deal

Talent, the third Novel in my Wizards-ESP series, is on sale for a few more hours as part of a Kindle Countdown Deal. It started today with a sale price of $0.99, but it will increase by another step sometime tomorrow. My short story Ants is free for the next day or two.
Here’s the link:

What’s going on:

A shock yesterday; a fellow writer I admired died the night of June 1st-2nd. He’s the only other author to do a guest essay here. Bruce Bretthauer, you’ll be missed.

I’m up to Ch 5 of The Ship; the first part is harder because it’s slower. Lots of background to fill in. I put in as much action as possible to keep people interested, but it should begin going faster now.

I mulled over Darwin’s World; I’ve had comments that the first part of the book is a bit slow, too survivalish. I’ve goneĀ  back and tweaked two chapters to add precursors to major themes that happen later in the book. If you get a notice that the book you bought has been changed, the download is free. It makes the book a better read. I don’t mind going back and improving something to make it a better product.

The Trek is on sale until tomorrow for $0.99. Here’s your chance to pick up a copy cheap; this one, unlike most of my other books, is not on KU. It’s also on sale through Google Books, Apple, B&N-Nook, Kobo, and other outlets.