Writing, etc.

Published Veil of Time on Amazon, began research for the next book the next day. I’m up to Chapter Three of The Ship, the first in a planned series. This one is hard-science SF, unlike my previous soft-science novels and fantasy novella.
I’ve also got enough information to begin writing the fifth novel in the Wizards Series. This one has a working title of Siberian Wizard and it takes up where Veil of Time left off.
I can’t promote Veil of Time yet; no reviews and Amazon won’t even allow a Countdown Deal until the book has been on their site for a month. So I’m promoting Combat Wizard instead; quite often, a first-in-a-series book leads to sales of other books in that series. With luck, Veil of Time will see some sales and maybe even a few reviews. Meantime, I’ve been posting this in various author sites on Facebook:
Combat Wizard, the first in a series of four Paranormal-ESP novels, is on sale today as part of a promotion. It’s $0.99 to purchase, free with your KU or Prime subscription.

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2 thoughts on “Writing, etc.

  1. There are other ways to promote your new novel, even without spending any money. If your novel is also available in print, do a giveaway on Goodreads, or join a group for indie authors. Have you taken a look at Pinterest? A lot of authors, indie and otherwise, use it to promote their books.

    1. Thanks, but I don’t use Pinterest. I may explore that soon.
      Meanwhile, I do have one book in print, but I’m not a fan of spending money and seeing the books resold. It happened; I donated to the local library, and found they’d either given it away or sold it in a bagful of books.

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