Veil of Time, DONE!

I finished the editing on May 19th. Coincidentally, this marks two years since I began writing fiction. Based on a beta-reader’s comments, I added a Prologue, about one page, to the manuscript to bring the reader up to date before he gets into the book. It’s a bit of a spoiler, containing information about the other three books in the series, but he thought it necessary and I agreed.
Anyway, Veil of Time was submitted yesterday and it went live sometime during the night.
This is the blurb:
‘What would you do if someone was lost in time?
How would you find them? How can you communicate with someone in the past?
Suppose that lost person was a child? Could you abandon her, leave her to her fate?
Or would you do everything you could to find the child, even if it put your own life in danger?’
It’s available for $3.99, standard price for later books in this and my other series. If you have a Prime or KU subscription, it’s free.

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