FreeBookService; a Possible Scam?

This promotion company, FreeBookService, promises a minimum number of downloads. According to a discussion group, it violates Amazon’s Terms of Service. It’s very expensive, and reportedly the downloads are done by dummy accounts, which won’t lead to additional sales of non-promoted books. I can’t confirm this; I’m only reporting what is available by looking up the company via Google. Let the buyer beware is good advice, and it’s especially good when dealing with companies you aren’t personally familiar with that you find through the Internet.
So if they handle free books through dummy accounts, how do they handle ‘purchases’? Probably by purchasing a minimum number of books, then returning them so the author gets no royalties and the company pays no money. If I were running a scam, that’s how I’d do it. I have no knowledge of this, I’m just speculating.
Several of us who comment on Goodreads have looked into this service, and our advice is to take your promotion dollars and spend them elsewhere.

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