I’ve been very busy recently; it’s why I haven’t had time to write on this blog.
Books, to me, have an early section, a middle section, and a concluding section. Others describe this differently, as character arc and so forth, but to me, I introduce characters, concepts, and challenges in the first part. The second part develops those, especially the challenge that the main character faces. If there are several characters involved, I’ll also expand the roles they play. This sets the book up for the conclusion.
A kind of madness takes over when I reach that mid-part. I feel driven, anxious, if I’m not able to write. It’s not unusual to write a chapter each day while I’m developing that section.
I reach the ‘conclusion’, which usually involves an additional ten chapters and 20 000 words or more. I know I’m into that part of the book when I pass the 50 000 word count. The manuscript has officially reached ‘novel length’ when it passes 50k words.
Veil of Time is now at 52 000 plus words, things are moving rapidly, a certain amount of foreshadowing has been done. Readers can now begin attempting to anticipate the endings. This is where you, the reader, will be tempted to thumb through the remainder of the book to see if you have indeed guessed how it will end.
I’ve done it myself, more than once. Yes, I confess; I often turn to the end of the book when I think I’ve figured it out! But as an author, it’s time for me to hide that ending in the Big Twist.  The last major changes don’t happen by accident, you know; we authors enjoy playing with our readers’ imaginations!
Veil of Time is now in the ‘Little Switch’ portion, and after that it will be time to carry through the Big Switch to the conclusion. I anticipate publishing the novel on Amazon in May. I haven’t yet decided whether to offer Advance Reader Copies or Pre-Orders, and option Amazon allows.
Meantime, Veil is the fourth novel in the Wizards Series; the other books are Combat Wizard, Wizard at Work, and Talent. If you haven’t read them yet, you can find them by following the link below. They’re free if you have a Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime account.

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