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It’s not so much that I’ve lost interest in writing about writing, it’s simply that I’m not willing to take time away from writing.
I’m in the middle section of my seventh novel, working title Veil of Time. The former trilogy Wizards is being expanded to a series, with the fourth novel in progress and a fifth one contemplated.
Writing, for me, begins with a concept; usually that’s not terribly complicated.
But it soon takes on a life of its own. One thing leads to another, which then branches out and becomes three or five. Which of the threads deserves to be nourished, which ones should I snip off quickly, which one will lead to the next book?
This book is unusually complicated. As you might guess, the plot turns on time travel. But my characters don’t have a dandy time machine with a dial, oh no. That would be far too easy. Instead, the protagonist has to work out an entire framework for understanding time travel. Which means I’ve got to do that before him, so there’s something to discover. Hint…a lot of math, simple but eventually complicated, that’s going into the description of time travel.
Then there’s the research. History is fascinating; so many people who did important things get lost, with only a few gaining mention in the history books. But I intend to feature some of the lesser characters and describe them as accurately as research will allow. That means research on top of research, necessary but also enjoyable.
Eventually I’ll have all the notes ready and I can continue writing the manuscript. The book is about a third finished, perhaps a little more than that. Projected publication date, late May or early July.
But I won’t have a lot of time to spend on this blog while that is going on.

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