Seems like I’ve been doing this forever.
I get up each morning, check my overnight sales and record the information, keep a running tally of how much I’ve made during the month. Check the calendar, look at upcoming promotions, consult my list of promoters and consider trying a new one. Which book should I promote? Most promotions have been failures; I’ve lost money, sometimes $5, sometimes up to $20. Should I try a different one? The two I’ve found that are ‘reliable’ at generating sales are often booked up. I submit a book to be promoted, wait, perhaps put that on the schedule or get refused and start again. Promoting books, the dreary business part of writing and publishing as an Independent, takes a lot of my time and creativity.
Is it important? Yes. Promote, or perish. New books flood in every day, millions of potential readers decide to look for an ebook, and if you want them to find your needle in the publishing haystack, you’ve got to get their attention.
The bad news, it takes time, creativity, and money. The good news, if you do it right, you’ll see success.
So why is this essay about Time? I began writing fiction less than two years ago.
And I’ve been an Independent Publisher for less than a year.
Not bad for someone who turned 75 last month!
The books I’ve promoted have achieved success; only one has failed to find an audience. I liked it, but something appears to be missing.
This month I’ll be promoting the Wizards Trilogy, which needs a name change; I’ve begun working on The Veil of Time, a fourth book in the same category. I still need to do research, but I began the writing yesterday. Paranormal time travel? I don’t know if anyone has explored that idea yet. The trick is to keep the paranormal aspect under tight control while comparing/contrasting the past with present day culture. As with all my books, I’ll let the characters drive the action. They’re ordinary people with extraordinary abilities, just a little bit more than what most of us can do.
So if you’re a reader of ebooks, watch for mine. They’re not expensive now, but during the sales, they’ll drop to $0.99. The promotions will happen in the US and also, for the first time, in foreign markets.

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