Promotion, Darwin’s World, by Bargain Booksy

Darwin’s World is being promoted today by Bargain Booksy, a company I’ve not tried before. I’ve dropped the price to 99¢ to coincide with the sale. It’s also available at the same price through iBooks (Apple), Nook (B&N) and other outlets.

Wilderness survival is never easy.
It’s even more difficult when you’re alone, equipped with only a camp-axe and a knife, surrounded by predators.
But suppose the wilderness is North America at the end of the ice age, the Pleistocene?  And suppose those predators include huge short-faced cave bears, grizzlies, lions, dire wolves, and saber-toothed cats?
Alone, at least in the beginning, surrounded by predators…
And some of the predators are human.

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