I’ve spent a lot of time recently analyzing sales and patterns.
Despite having four novels and a novella on Apple, B&N, Kobo, and Tolino, the best sales continue to come through Amazon. The numbers are overwhelming.
Yesterday, I published Home, the third book in the Darwin’s World Series; I put it on Amazon Select, which means it’s eligible for the the Kindle Unlimited lending program. While my sales to those other outlets bring in better royalties, that means nothing if the books don’t sell. I should also mention that my recent promotion efforts have listed those other outlets as well as Amazon. Still few or no sales, even though my most recent promotion went very well.
I’m now working up a method of rating the companies I promote through. I track sales carefully up to the day of a promotion, then freeze the numbers as soon as the promotion email goes out. I also include cost of the promotion and include second-day results; some don’t read the emails the first day, so in most cases, there will be additional sales on the second day. I make it a point not to raise the price of the promoted book until the third day.
Results, so far: ENT delivers approximately twice the break-even value in sales. BookSends delivers about 1.2% of breakeven.
What does this mean?
For my most recent promotion, I paid $15 to promote The Trek at $0.99. Break-even, figuring $0.35 in royalties per sale, was about 43 sales. The promoted book sold not quite twice as many the first day, but brought the numbers up the second day to twice break-even. Result, 200% of cost.
I also ran a recent promotion via Fussy Librarian, which claims a high number of subscribers. Result, $14 paid, less than half break-even achieved. I did get a couple of sales from Apple/B&N Nook, so I also included those.
If that promoter charged $7 for a promotion, you’d have a good chance of at least breaking even in my categories, action-adventure/science fiction. At $14, you’ll get about 0.5 of cost back, 50%.
Kindle Book Review had the worst results, less than 1% return on investment.I intend to continue this rating system. Let me know if you have similar information.
Meantime, here’s my newest book, just published:

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4 thoughts on “Publishing

  1. Hi Jack, interesting information – do you have an email address where I might contact you?

    R. Allen Chappell – Ancient Blood


    Maybe this is too simple to work, but


    Is there a way of buying direct


    an eBay account or something where we can pay the Author directly….





    Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2015 at 5:44 AM

    1. I had one direct payment, Don. A reader bought one or more books on a pirate site, wanted to pay, so he contacted me and sent money through PayPal.
      As for direct purchases, Amazon won’t allow that unless you go off their Select program. Which has earned me quite a bit of money, so I can’t abandon it now.

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