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I’ve been conferring with fellow authors on Goodreads, gathering information.
All of us are faced with the same need, getting our book noticed. The best way I’ve found is to market through any of several companies that send out daily emails to subscribers. Not all are the same; as noted above, Kindle Book Review is a total waste. I wrote, asking for information, and my email was ignored.
There are at least twenty promoters who’ll mail out your ad for a fee. Costs can range from about $14 (Fussy Librarian) to hundreds of dollars (BookBub).
So which sites pay off? Will you make money from an ad?
Some promote their books free; they believe that the books will sell after the free period, based on how far up Amazon’s list of bestsellers they are. Others promote their books at a discount, often 99¢. sometimes more.
Some genres are popular, including various romance categories. Others, science fiction for example, are not popular. Promoters offer their subscribers a choice as to which book ads they might be interested in. So your science fiction book won’t be mailed to the ones who are interested in romance. Action-adventure, for example, is also not particularly profitable. Some sites charge a flat fee, even though your genre might only be mailed to comparatively few. Others adjust the fee based on the genre your book fits into.
I’ve been working with fellow authors to find out which promoters give the best bang for the buck. As we get information, I’ve been asked to publish it here.
So far, two promoters are recommended based on personal experience, BookSends and EReader News Today.
BookSends offers this genre list:
Free Book of the Day 100,000
Mysteries/Thrillers 48,000
Romance 36,000
Erotic Romance 12,500
Fantasy 26,500
Science Fiction 20,500
Teen/YA 19,000
Horror 17,000
Action/Adventure 29,500
Historical 30,500
Literary 14,000
Nonfiction 26,000
Children’s Books 15,000
Men’s Fiction 4,500
Women’s Fiction 11,500
Christian/Religious Fiction 7,200

Fussy Librarian has this breakdown:
Historical fiction, 88381 ($14)
Literary fiction (87,703) $14
Science fiction (87,072) $14.
Young adult (86,461) $14.
Mysteries (79,475) $14.
Women’s fiction (78,676) $14.
Thrillers (78,315) $14.
Romance-contemp. (78,056) $14.
Romance-suspense (77,913) $14.
Biography/memoir (69,486) $9.
Humor (37,077) $9.

I’ll add more information as it becomes available. Good promoting!

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