Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited

I’m one of many who’ve become disenchanted with the KU program. I read an article this morning, published by the NY Times. It’s excellent.
The writer got one thing wrong: Amazon doesn’t pay 70% royalties, at least not for domestic sales. Foreign sales, yes; but few of us have huge international presences.
If, when, Amazon drops their demand for exclusivity, I’ll consider allowing them to include my books in the KU program. I’ll also be interested in how much Amazon pays in royalties; their current amount is worthwhile only for short stories and novelettes/novellas. If you read the article, note that Amazon pays exactly the same rate for a short story of 2500 words that they do for a novel of 125,000 words. The list price of the item means nothing.
It’s a good deal for readers, especially if you’re a reader who goes through several books a month. If you read just five books a month, you’ve more than paid for your subscription. But for authors, it’s profit for Amazon, pittance for writers.

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2 thoughts on “Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited

  1. Amazon does pay 70% if you price your book between $2.99 and $9.99. Or at least that’s what their website says. But I am sufficiently concerned about Amazon that I am publishing through a small POD shop at a bookstore here in Vermont that can get my book(s) into Ingram with all that connotes. They also plan to get near global reach for the ebook(s), getting away from Amazon’s exclusivity. I will need to sell around 1000 books to break even, but the shop does not take a commission. It’s a one shot expense, which is a great improvement over Amazon.

    1. Amazon pays 70% some of the time, and for the same book sometimes it only pays 35%. ??? I asked and got a vague reply to the effect that the higher royalty is only in certain markets. Apparently if they don’t have an affiliate there, but still manage to sell books, it’s only 35%.

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