The year draws to a close; 2014 has been a wild ride all the way.

Writing, and publishing: Five novels in print, plus a novella and a short story. The sixth novel is nearly done. It’s my habit to write the final chapter about two thirds of the way through. That way, I know to aim the disparate threads to the ending I intend.

And it’s a barn-burner, if I do say so myself. After two novels, most of another, I’m tying up threads that were implied almost three hundred thousand words ago.

I couldn’t decide whether to just shake my head or giggle as I wrote the last part of that final chapter. I’ll be submitting the story to a few beta readers soon to get their take. I want to entertain, involve, maybe shock the reader a bit; this book will do that. Too shocking? That’s what beta readers are for, to tell you when you go too far off the tracks!

So to all you who’ve been following my blog, permit me to wish you, from the bottom of my heart, a thank you and a wish that your holiday, whatever you call it, will be warm, happy, and surrounded by friends and family.

To my way of thinking, that’s why the end-of-year times are special.


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