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I ran an emailer promotion yesterday, using eBookSoda. This is the second one I’ve tried using this company.
Results: Nil.
Like the promotion I tried on Facebook, this is a waste of time and money. They did what they said they’d do, send out an email featuring my book, but nothing happened. Too few subscribers to their emails? Are the emails going mostly to other authors, people looking to sell books but not buy them? I don’t know.
But in each case, there was little to no boost in sales.
I also scheduled a week-long posting of the title on Choosy Bookworm’s home page. Whether that will have an effect, I don’t yet know. So far, no result from that either.
Neither site is expensive, but regardless of cost, if there are no results, it’s money wasted. If you’re a beginning author, you can’t afford to do that, waste your promotional dollars.
But I DID get data, so the experiment was worthwhile. It’s not that the companies cited are frauds, it’s simply that they’re new and don’t yet have that subscriber base that will result in book sales for authors who advertise with them. Maybe, a year or two from now, I might revisit the two sites, but probably not until then.
Meanwhile, I’ve still got two other promotions scheduled, both in January and both from slightly more expensive sites. Combat Wizard will be advertised on BookSends January 2nd and Darwin’s World will be advertised on Kindle Book Review on the 13th. I’ll report on how well those do next year.
Sales, and days: so far, best sales are on Thursday and Friday, other days are not so good. Early in the month and later in the month (payday effect?) are better, mid-month is the doldrums. For all you authors, watching for patterns help; don’t panic when your sales slump in mid-week and mid-month.
Being philosophical, it could be worse. I could be trying to live from my writing instead of pursuing it as a hobby that occasionally brings in a few bucks. Imagine the consternation I’d feel if I saw what some have reported after Kindle Unlimited cut into royalties, reducing $4000/month incomes to less than half!
No; if you’re a new writer, newly self-published as I am, don’t expect the lightning to strike. Keep writing; the absolute best way to attract that lightning is to write good books, and publish a lot of them. And if sales don’t come right away, the good news is that you’ve got time; the books are out there, still selling a few units every month, and they’ll be there next year, selling a few more to a new audience. Over time, it’s worthwhile.
Keep writing.

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