Advice, and Results

My sixth novel has been a struggle. No question, it’s been much harder than any of the others. Writing a couple of chapters a week has been more chore than fun.
But I took my own advice, what I’ve written about before in this blog: Write.
I kept writing. I worked at it as I’d work at any other job, as I worked at teaching. No matter how I felt back then, I knew I had to face 150 or so teenagers the next day. Middle school teenagers, at that, 13 or 14 years old. They’re merciless…you’d better be prepared or they’ll let you know what they think.
Not middle school students now, but I have a self-imposed deadline to meet. I have readers, and some of them let me know they’re waiting for the next book.
I expect much of myself too. I understand that I can do it, I just need to dig down and get the job done.
That’s what I’ve been doing, working my way chapter by chapter through the first half of the new book. As soon as I finished a chapter, I sent it off to my patient editor. We’d be swapping emails, discussing changes, rewriting when I had to. But…
Yesterday I turned the corner. The joy came back. I worked my way through what might have been writer’s block, finally got past that. I wrote two chapters yesterday, one this morning. I’ll write another this afternoon. That’s about 7500 words so far, plus I also edited two chapters for a friend, worked on edits for a chapter of mine, sent off a submission to a marketing firm.
One thing that’s changed: I’m spending less time on Facebook. I usually read news reports, comment often, but I’m resolved that there will be less of that in the coming year.

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