The sale went very well; whether because of this or the holiday effect, sales have begun to pick up.
Two of my books completed their three-month Select period on Amazon; I’ve now submitted them to other publishers, and Darwin’s World and The Trek are available on Scribd, the Trek is also on Kobo. Apple iBooks, B&N Nook, and Page Foundry will publish them within a week; I’m not sure why they’re slower, but they are. Anyway, the books will be available through those outlets, possibly through CreateSpace print option too. As the other books finish the Select period, they’ll become available through other publishers too. And of course, they’re all still available through Amazon.I’ve made the changes because Amazon’s promotion options aren’t working very well now, and the sales from the Ereader News Today promotion was much better. An additional reason had to do with what Amazon is paying authors when books are ‘borrowed’ through their Prime or Kindle Unlimited option. The amounts offered to the great majority of authors are not as good as what’s paid from a sale, and despite hefty bonuses to top selling authors, few will ever qualify for one of those.
It’s a part of marketing, something I’m still learning about. If the change doesn’t work as I hope, I can always go back to Amazon Select. Maybe if enough authors leave the program, Amazon will begin paying more per borrow.

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