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I’ve just dropped the price of Darwin’s World to $0.99; this will remain until Monday.
I intended to schedule a Countdown Deal, but Amazon balked; because I dropped the price to $4.99 (from a previous price of $5.99), they wouldn’t allow me to schedule a Countdown Deal; their rules say no changes in price within 30 days of a promotion.
I could understand this attitude if I had RAISED the price, but I didn’t. I lowered the price of the Darwin Series, both books, by a dollar each. I wasn’t trying to game the system, mark up books before putting them on sale. I did this because I’d purchased a professional cover for both books, and in the case of Darwin’s World, I extensively revised the book and had it edited. The plot’s the same, only the words have been slimmed down and improved. I owe that to readers because that’s my name on the cover, the same one I use for my bank, for my relatives and friends.
Since Amazon has been less than cooperative, I’ve decided to publish my books on several outlets including Apple iBooks, B&N Nook, and Kobo, plus whatever others D2D has an agreement with. They’ll begin appearing as they finish the 3-months period of exclusivity I promised Amazon. But they won’t be automatically added to Amazon’s Select program.
Simply put, the previous promotions have stopped working. Facebook’s ‘promotion’ of an ad sold nothing, as far as I can tell. Ditto the previous offering of Talent through a Countdown Deal. So if the promotions aren’t working…
It’s time to change directions.
I’ll try publicizing deals through Ereader News Today from now on, and possibly through other marketers. I’ll know by next week whether this effort was worth the $20 they charge to add my book to their mailing.
If you’re a writer fighting the same problem, trying to raise your book from the sea of other recent publications, you might want to profit from my experience.

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    I’ve enjoyed many of your posts here and look forward to reading your next! 🙂
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