Revision and a price cut

I posted the revised version of Darwin’s World this afternoon; it should be available tomorrow.

It’s my first commercial cover from a professional. I also changed the ‘subtitle’ to “An Epic of Survival”, which is more descriptive of the book. The revision took me almost a month and I cut about 10 000 words, bringing the novel down to somewhere around 98 000.

Since it was shorter, the original price of $5.99 was no longer justified. I reduced it to $4.99, the same as my other novels.

Now it’s back to writing my next novel in this series. The one thing I was lacking was a good ‘twist’ for the ending. No more; I’ve got a barn-burner! There will be other twists along the way as well and at least one shock. While the episode is unusually shocking, it led me to a satisfying ending and that twist I mentioned.

All I’ve got to do now is write it!

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