My new novella, Hands, a fantasy adventure comedy, has just been submitted to Amazon for publication.

The book contains about 29 000 words, so it’s a novella rather than a novel. Still, I hope it may be interesting. The humor is broad, and often low, if clever.

The book is written in forsoothly style, my version of Elizabethan. Bill Shakespeare is probably spinning frantically in his grave!

But I hope you’ll look at the excerpt as soon as Amazon publishes the book, probably a couple of hours from now. It’s different, guaranteed, and it may hold your interest. I had intended to publish at $1.99, but Amazon decreed otherwise, so I selected the minimum price and published at $2.99. Still, if you have Kindle Unlimited, this book like all my others is free to you.

I’ll probably set up a countdown deal  in a couple of day as well, so watch for it.

Thanks for your attention.

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