Work, and neglecting my blog

I’ve been very busy lately; getting the RV going (we’re taking it on the road Friday!), revising and editing Hands, and revising Combat Wizard. As soon as I get just a little time, I’ll begin writing Home, the third book in the Darwin’s World series.

About Hands: I wrote the book in Elizabethan-style language and may even have overdone it. I liked the effect, but some of my Beta Readers didn’t. Sigh. So I’ve begun stripping out a lot of the forsoothly stuff, leaving just enough for a mild flavor. Sort of like skimping on chile; you like a lot of spicy flavor, or you don’t. Most don’t. So it appears to be with novels that stretch beyond a certain point. I’ll end up with two versions, the milder one that I’ll publish (still planning on putting it up on Amazon about the end of the month), and a different version that will be free to anyone who buys the other. It’s more work, but I’ll do it for the same reason I’m revising Combat Wizard, almost a year after it was first published. I’m doing it so that the books remain the best quality work I can write.

I also take time to do a little reading. I’ve recently discovered Travis Hill. I have no connection to him, other than enjoying his writing. He has a number of free works on his Amazon list, so give them a look; I recommend his writing highly. I bought, and read, this book, and I intend to write a 5-star review.  I highly recommend the book; you’ll like it.


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