Romps, and other fun stuff

I’ve heard that term used, and wondered.

No longer; if ever a story deserved the descriptive ‘romp’, Hands does.

I might have treated the tale as a novel, and written it in vein serious. But I decided that a different treatment might also work, and that’s what I did, write the novelette as a farce, using Elizabethan (forsooth!) as the mode of speaking. It’s done, for good or ill. Ten chapters, which I need to assemble into a book. I’ll add the necessary front and end materials, then get on with editing. Meantime, it’s running as a serial online, a reward for readers who encouraged me when I first thought of writing.

Putting it all together will take a day or two; but if you want a free advanced-copy, drop me a message on this blog. Free copies will be available until, and if, I decide to publish the novelette.

But I also will need a cover photo; anyone have a photo of a rat, or mayhap, a cartoon of one? Perched upon a sword, belike? Rat hands together, prepared to defend the hero Hal from harm? 

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