Hands, a Novelette

I wasn’t quite ready to go back to writing the third book in the Darwin’s World saga. It’s there; I’ll get to it. Have faith.

But meantime, I had a couple of things to do; I had a novelette nagging at me, and I needed to do a revision of Combat Wizard and the other books. CW is the main one; too slow, too wordy, a bit preachy at times. I decided some of that could go, and I’ve been cutting and rearranging. There’s lot more show, a lot less tell. It moves faster, all in all, and is a better book, or will be when I’m done. Most of the work will be done to the first five or six chapters; this reflects my experience when I wrote the book.

Meantime, a total change of pace; if you’re an SCA member (I am) or like rennfaires or renaissance festivals, you will enjoy Hands.

It’s a high-fantasy novelette, probably 10 chapters and about 23 000 words, written in Elizabethan style English. Shakespeare, but with a lot more low comedy!

Formatting will be a challenge! And just as is the case with a short story, there needs to be plot twists and surprises, and an end that can be continued later. This too could become a novel, or even a series.

But it’s intended to be humorous, even laugh-out-loud funny! I suspect it will be available on Amazon in a month or so.

Cover photo; I’m not sure if I can do it, but I’m working on learning Inkscape and Gimp. Can I draw a rat cartoon figure? One sitting on a large sword?

Yeah, that’s part of the plot! Along with an irascible baron, a wizard, bandits, damsels in distress, an evil bully named Billy…And did I mention the rat? 😀

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