So what do you do to celebrate the publication of book five?

I don’t know what those bestselling writers do. I went back to writing.

The third book in the Darwin’s World Pleistocene epic remains to be written; some of the plot’s done, a couple of chapters are in draft format, but I’m not under pressure.

Sadly, that means I’m not productive. I need a deadline, even a self-imposed one to keep up the writing pace. So I’ve begun a different novel, Hands. I’ve agreed to have the ‘draft’ version published by a couple of free sites, one as a reward for readers who wrote encouragement when I was just starting, and another on Beyond the Far Horizon, the site run by Gina Marie Wylie.

Gina, Colin, Bruce, Wes, and I have been publishing there recently. You’ll need to sign in, but the site is free. You might not like everything, but on the other hand, the price is right!

Gina will begin publishing the first novelette in what will eventually become the novel Hands next week. By agreeing to furnish the work to her, that’s my deadline. I have to write at least two chapters a week to keep up with her publication schedule.

As for the readers there, they’ve been kind enough in the past to establish discussion threads regarding my books. If you think we don’t enjoy the attention, you don’t know authors!

On a different note: I’ve reviewed Combat Wizard, Wizard at Work, and Talent. Talent’s professional in editing and format, W@W needs formatting, CW needs editing and formatting to achieve that state of professionalism. Between writing chapters, I’ll do those other chores.

Lots of work; still think you want to be a writer? 😀

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