Summer slump

I recently came across a reference to this. Is it real?

No idea, but apparently book sales take a dive during the warm months. Maybe people are outdoors doing active things, rather than reading. Some have said their sales pick up in October.

Once again, I don’t know. I only started selling novels in March. Some claim this is real, some claim it’s a myth.

But there’s another thing I’ve got going for me; my fifth book, Talent, is almost ready, finally. I expect to publish it later this coming week.

Talent is the third book in the Wizards Trilogy, so it completes that series. I’ve gotten suggestions that I keep the series going, possibly by switching to a different lead character. One thought is a kind of coming-of-age novel featuring Libby, the tween girl introduced in Talent. A couple of Australian readers have asked if I’d do a book set in Australia, New Zealand, and possibly Papua New Guinea.

I’ve got a definitive ‘maybe’ for that! But for now, I’ve got the next book in the Darwin’s World Series to write, and a sword-and-sorcery fantasy I’m considering. I might write the two books simultaneously; I’ve done that before, work on two books at the same time. Typically I’ll have a plot outline that’s flexible, and by writing a chapter of one, then the chapter of the other, I avoid the dreaded ‘writer’s block’.

But I’m happy to say that Talent’s launch on Amazon Kindle is finally almost here!

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