Kindle Unlimited; an update

Having recommended this service, I decided I should give it a try. Toe hesitantly in the water, I signed up for the one-month free trial.
Yep; you can try it free for a month.

My first download was Bruce Bretthauer’s new book, The Alternate Door. I’ve admired Bruce’s past work, posted his guest commentary on this blog, and copy-edited a different book he’s recently written.

I’ll probably even download one of my own books; it gives me a way to check what the reader sees in the final version that Amazon publishes. While I convert my Word documents, before submitting them, to  Amazon’s MOBI format, that doesn’t mean that what you see is what I uploaded. Since there’s no charge (but presumably Amazon would have decided not to pay me for downloading my own book; otherwise authors are going to make a bit more than Amazon intends!), I can at least see what that final version looks like.

Plus explore the works of authors I’ve been curious about, but haven’t bought until now. That’s the beauty of this system; it’s free, at least for now, after you pay the subscription fee.

I doubt it will continue for long as it’s currently set up. I was once a subscriber to a music system based on the same idea, eMusic. At first, subscribers could download anything in their library. Then the price went up, doubled if I recall correctly, and you could only download a set number of tracks each month. Still, I stayed with the service. I could find enough music that I was at least curious enough to listen to once, although as before I dumped a lot of files that sounded good until I downloaded them.

Heh…I downloaded Taylor Swift’s first album; and promptly dumped it. It sounded lousy. She looks good but can’t sing, or couldn’t back then.

But then eMusic added another wrinkle: you were limited based on the cost of the album. A high-cost album meant you had to pay extra or you could only download a part of the album…and some albums didn’t allow partial downloads, particularly if you wanted one top-forty song and didn’t care about the rest. That option was quickly blocked.

But it was good in the beginning. I hope that is true for Amazon’s KU. I’ll soon know how it works, so you can expect future updates based on my experience.

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