Traditional publishing, etc

A link to this NY Times article popped up on Goodreads:

It’s apparent that the digital age is fraught with something or other, but smooth sailing isn’t in the picture for most writers. It’s still a long, dreary slog before your name becomes known and you have a group of ‘fans’ who are willing to buy your books as soon as you put them out for sale.

I’m not there yet. Like most, I may never achieve that level of reader acceptance. A few do, most of us don’t, many never will.  Even if you work hard to eliminate that last typo, that last subject-verb disagreement, that last bit of triteness, people might simply prefer reading about vampires and werewolves and zombies. And that’s now; next week, it might be something entirely different as public tastes veer into a new direction.

Still, I’ve got a series based on the paranormal (the Wizards series), an action-adventure survival series with a smidgen of science fiction that’s two thirds complete (the Darwin’s World series), and my next series will be a swords/sand/sandals fantasy in the Robert E Howard mold (but different! My lead character is no Conan, he’s a bit of a bumbler); maybe I’ll have enough product to be waiting when the public changes its tastes again!

I hope. But if not, maybe expand Ants to be a novelette or even full-length hard-science-fiction genre novel? Hmmm….

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2 thoughts on “Traditional publishing, etc

  1. I found your blog trough word of mouth in board, so i went to check your books unfortunately they are to expensive for me. I never paid more than 2 for an new author that i haven’t read is a personal thing and it works for me i have been able to found a lot of good authors that way, Rick brown, Randolph Lalonde, Tony Healey, Jasper T Scott, Michael R Hicks(which i advised you to check him out, he published in his blog how much he did last year, writing full time) all of them are self publish authors.
    I’ll keep checking on your books until they are lower priced to get them.

    1. All four of the books, plus the next one, have been published through online sites for free. The new book is Talent and it’s currently free on Beyond the Far Horizon; the final installment is due to be published today and tomorrow. But it won’t remain free long; currently I’m revising the book, so when that’s done, I’ll ask Gina to remove it from her site.
      I’ve discussed book prices in the past on my blog and in other venues; I’ve also offered several of the books either free or via a countdown deal that began at $0.99 on Amazon.
      I also lowered the price of all the books for four weeks at one point…and got even fewer sales.
      The books are available currently for the price of a beer or two. And they provide a lot more enjoyment for a lot longer time than renting that beer.
      Which is to say, I have no plans to lower the prices more than I’ve already done.
      Thank you for corresponding.

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