Short stories, and pricing

I intended to offer Ants free, but either that’s not possible or I did something wrong. Among possible selections, I was required to choose a percentage and finally a price between $0.99 and a number of higher prices. Since Ants is a short story (about 2300 words), I selected the lowest price and published it. It should be available tomorrow.

I can offer it free for a  week, so I’ll do that. After that, I’ll have to wait and see what happens. This one’s ‘hard’ science fiction, in that it’s not fantasy or any of the other categories. It deals with space, space travel, and extraterrestrials, so I suppose that makes it as I’ve chosen, hard science fiction.

Anyway, expect to see it offered free as soon as I can set that up, and for as long as I can offer it for that price.

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