Block, part two

Stepping back, making only a slight change, that was all it took. I finished Chapter 26, then Ch 27 and today I finished Ch 28.

I expected the book would run to about 75 000 words and lo! I’m up to about 75 000 already. One or two chapters and the epilogue will see it finished.

It’s currently running in draft format on a free site; email me if you want to know where, but don’t dawdle; it’ll be finished there in a month or less, and I’ll be pulling it prior to final editing. After that it’s on to publication!

Who knew? I started writing fiction about 13 months ago, never dreaming I’d be here, the author of four published books with another one waiting in the wings.

If you haven’t decided to try it yet, let me tell you a secret: listing your name in Amazon’s search panel and seeing it come up with connections to a book is a THRILL. Yeah, it still is. Maybe it always will be.

Remember what I said about writer’s block before? And what I wrote about writing daily until it becomes a habit?

That habit kept me writing. And when the plot went off the rails, backtracking to a previous chapter put me back on the straight and narrow. And what I’d written in the meantime would still work.

And now the block is gone, I’m writing a chapter (2300 to 2600 words each) every two days.

My advice may work for you; it has certainly worked for me!

Excuse me while I go pat myself on the back. Or maybe have a glass of wine to thank myself for the good advice! 😀

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