Changes, and block

I was almost facing writer’s block; not quite, because I was writing, but I didn’t like it. Something was wrong.

I was thinking about my current book, Talent, as I drifted off to sleep; and my subconscious kept nudging me. So I got out of bed and made notes. That ‘dislike’ was making me hesitate, that writing habit forced me to confront my problem, and now I’ve regained my enthusiasm.

I had made a mistake; just a few sentences in Chapter 23 limited what options I could exercise in Chapter 26. A short revision opened the door and now I know where the story is going and which path it will take.

Suggestion: don’t be afraid to go back and change something when you can’t see your way past a boulder in the road! That small change got rid of the sense I was floundering, that the story had lost direction; suddenly the direction was back and I was rolling again.

Maybe a similar approach will help you at some point?

Change the story until you’re happy; maybe YOUR subconscious is as useful as mine is!

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