Book Four, The Trek

It gets easier, all that formatting.

I finished final review of The Trek, Book II of the Darwin’s World Series, about noon today. I had a number of photos ready, all in ‘portrait’ orientation, so I began looking them over and sent copies to my editor. We found one we both liked and I began working on a cover photo. After a couple of tries, I found a layout that looks good in thumbnail; the title is large and centered, subtitle above, author’s name below. I shrank the photo to Amazon’s recommended 1:1.6 size before I began. My cover photo processing was done using Graphic Converter; it’s easy once you’ve done one or two, an important consideration if your focus is on the story. If I ever begin making reasonable amounts from book sales, I’ll consider hiring a professional; for now, my own photos will do. But I’ve learned a valuable lesson: take the camera everywhere you go. That picture may be useful, somewhere down the road.

I also used Calibre to format my Word document to Amazon’s MOBI format. A fast read to see how it looks and I’m happy. This one will be uploaded tonight to Amazon for publication.

The first time you publish is scary; did I do everything right? But by the time you’ve done four, it’s just another part of the author drill.

But it’s time to cut my losses regarding Apple, B&N, and Kobo. All of them are happy to help market your book…once it’s a bestseller. Until then, nope; they’re busy with those bestsellers. But newbies who are just beginning are the ones who need the most help. Go figure. Anyway, I’ve unpublished from those other stores. One sale in the past month, it’s not worth it; and as soon as it’s on Amazon only, I’ll sign Darwin’s World up for Kindle Select and put it on their Countdown Deal.

With luck, some will like the book enough to buy the others I’ve already published. And of course, by tomorrow book four will be published, The Trek. It’s the second book in the Darwin’s World series. BTW, I receive nothing from the programs I mentioned; I only list them because they’re what I use.Trek Cover

I’m happy with the way it turned out.

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