Marketing efforts, and Conclusions

My first effort using multiple publishers is a bust. I’ve gotten much more in sales from the books on Amazon. Until B&N, Apple, and Kobo develop good marketing tools for new authors, I think this is something to be put aside. I expect to unpublish the book offered via those marketers at the end of the month, when The Trek should be ready for publication.

Amazon’s Countdown Deal: semi-effective.

The first use of this program did indeed result in boosts. Not great, but some. There’s a clear jump in the number of books sold, easily visible in the graph Amazon provides. So I’ll unpublish Darwin’s World from the publishers in paragraph one, put it on Amazon Select, and do the Countdown deal on it, but only after the sequel is available for purchase.

Lowering the purchase price: too soon to tell much. But statistics from other sources seem compelling, and several marketing newsletters won’t recommend any book over $2.99. That’s pretty compelling in its own right.

Establishing a presence in various places. No idea of what effect that has had, if any.

So: it’s back to writing the best books I can, publishing them after revising/editing/proofreading, wait and hope for the best. Maybe a countdown deal or similar.

And wait for something to take off.

If it does.


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