Lessons Learned

Of the three books published, my debut book has sold reasonably well, the second book in the series has sold a few copies (even though I think it’s a better book; go figure!), but the third book has languished.

Choices; what to do? It’s a long book, as is the successor, each running to more than 100 000 words. Both were popular when they were offered early-on in draft form as freebies. But popularity hasn’t translated.

Considerable research hasn’t really shed much light on why books sell, but one thing crops up from time to time: price point.

Above $2.99, your book is priced out of the market. And Darwin’s World has been priced at $5.99.

It has not exactly been flying off the shelf. Kobo, Nook, iBooks? One sale since being published. Amazon, less than 10.

It’s time to bite the bullet and admit I made a mistake.

So if you haven’t bought Darwin’s World yet, don’t. Give it a couple of days for the price to drop. If you did buy the book at the currently-listed price, send me an email. I won’t refund money (I have no way of tracking who bought the 7 or 8 books that were sold, and besides no one’s paid ME a dime yet!) but I’ll send you a copy of the second book, not yet published, in the series.

With my heartfelt thanks for taking a chance on a new writer! Write jacklknappauthor@outlook.com.

The price will drop to half what it was, $2.99, as soon as the various publishers react to the notices I sent them this morning.

If you’re a fellow writer, attempting to gauge the public’s responses to a book you’ve published or are about to publish, take note. All the mistakes I’m making are mistakes you may avoid by reading about my missteps and woes! 😀

OK, not woes. But mistakes, nonetheless.

There will be follow-ups posted regarding this experiment in marketing.

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