Marketing, again.

My bad. I thought the promotion began yesterday, but apparently it started today.

One book yesterday, one the day before, 7 so far today; all of them are the book on Countdown Deals. So while I’m not sure how Amazon gets the word out, the books are selling. And since people pay .99, maybe they’ll read them and even write a review!

So the countdown deal actually does result in sales, albeit at a much reduced price.

I’ll contemplate for a while, but what I’m seeing says that the ‘break point’ for selling books is $2.99. Beyond that, for some reason people are reluctant to spend the money. Maybe because most books seem to be priced for less, unless the writer is well known.

Should I drop the price? What good does it do to have a higher price if no one is buying?

If you’re a writer you’ll face the same question.

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