Marketing, an update.

So far it’s a bust. I reduced the price of Combat Wizard yesterday at noon, and there have been no sales since then. None.

So I’m still questioning. Publishing a book (Darwin’s World) via multiple outlets, one sale. Kindle’s done a little better, but not much. As for Amazon’s Kindle Select program, three ‘loans’ in almost two months and the Countdown Promotion doesn’t look promising. Does Amazon mail out information about this? If so, I haven’t seen it.

The problem remains: most people (other than friends) have no idea the books even exist. Other writers on Goodreads and a few authors groups/blogs say they have the same problem. There ARE several email notifications that would help, but catch-22, books aren’t eligible to be promoted in this way until they’ve gotten at least ten reviews and the average must be four stars or better. One writer claims that it takes 1000 sales to generate a review, on average. She says she does much better, getting a review every 50 books. Perhaps the numbers are books given away during promotions; I got the information from Goodreads.

Writing’s easy. Editing/revising, that’s harder. Getting the general public to read your book, that’s difficult.


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