So how DO you market that new Great American Novel?

I don’t have answers, at least not yet. But I’ve begun the effort. As I gain more information, I’ll add it here.

I linked this blog to Amazon through their Amazon Associates program. Since I only did this today, it’s too early to tell what effect, if any, this will have. I also added to my Author Page on Amazon; I like the opportunity to post photos, up to 8 I think. I only posted three.  Hey, it’s about the books, not me!

Goodreads: I’ve been a member for some time, never did anything with it. But I expanded my profile this morning and listed the three books I have in publication. Hint: if you’re doing that too, tone down the size of your book cover photo. Two attempts using what I uploaded to other sites failed; finally, I used a program (Graphic Converter; I use it and recommend it) to reduce the file size to about 500 kb and the information went up immediately.

Why marketing? Apple’s iBooks appears to be a premier site for authors of hardback bestsellers; if you’re an indie publisher, even one that’s an Amazon bestseller, I didn’t see anything on Apple’s iBooks page about such. Amazon does have a few tools to raise your book above the mass of what they’ve published recently. Trust me, there are a LOT of books being published; some of them have the same titles as my books, other books are published by authors who have the same name I do. So anything you, the author, can do to draw attention to your book is a Good Thing. People who don’t know it’s there, who don’t download it, won’t read it. Just that simple.

That’s the idea behind authors providing their book for free. Lots of downloads, so your book moves up in the ‘best-selling’ list; but be warned. I’ve downloaded several hundred free books because the title sounded interesting. A few of them were excellent and I went back to Amazon and bought the rest of what the author had published. Others, they’re still there when I get time to read them. But that might not happen anytime soon. Or ever. As for the best-selling list on Amazon, I’ve never consulted it to find a book to buy. So giving away your hard work for free? I can’t recommend it, not at this time.

Instead, my next marketing attempt will likely be Amazon’s Countdown Deal or reducing the price of one of the books for a short time, perhaps to $1.99 or even $0.99 for a day or two. Why not free? I figure if people pay even a nominal amount, they’ll at least begin reading. Then it’s up to me (and you, fellow author) to have a quality product, well written, few typos, good characterization, interesting plot, all those writerly things that are part of the craft.

And of course, you might consider a blog if you don’t already have one.

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