Success! Darwin’s World has been posted for sale!


I put the book up on Amazon using my own account, but this time I didn’t use Amazon Select. That limits your publication rights for three months. Instead, I submitted the book through Draft2Digital; much easier than the hoops Amazon forces you to jump through. So the book has also now been submitted to Apple’s iBooks, B&N’s Nook, and CreateSpace, which is part of Amazon; they will publish the book in paperback format on demand.

About those hoops: on Amazon, you do it all. Title Page, Copyright Page, About the Author, all the front and end material that goes with your manuscript. D2D has the option of using your version or doing it for you. Considering I spent a lot of time today getting those looking right, I’m happy to have them take over the job.

It takes a day or two for the books to appear on each publishing site, so be patient. This one has a Prologue, 34 Chapters, and an Epilogue. According to Word, there are more than 103 000 words in the book.

It’s a learning process, for me; if my comments concerning what I’ve learned help you when you start out, I’m happy.

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