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Man proposes, nature disposes. You may have heard something like that before.

It’s true; I’m waiting because my editor is right in the middle of all the flooding in Florida. So his final comments haven’t arrived, and even though I think the document is ready to post, he’s worked hard so he should have an opportunity to register final comments.

I managed to load everything on Amazon this morning except the document file; this means I got the name, author/editor, and cover photo up. This usually takes longer, so getting it in ahead saves times.

And one other thing; me too.

Which means I’m as frustrated at the lack of standardization among publishers as every other indie author is.

Most of us use Microsoft Word to compose our books. Periodically Word changes things, most recently they left the .doc format behind and went to .docx. That’s what I’m using. Amazon even accepts it, but converts it to MOBI, their Kindle format.

Which doesn’t look like my .docx file. It doesn’t look like the older .doc file either. Even converting to a ‘standard’ format, html, doesn’t solve the problem. MOBI doesn’t look like the html file either.

So I’ve been wrestling with formatting all day, trying to find something that will look like my screen. So far, the best result I’ve seen is to take Word’s .docx file, convert (using Word) to .html, then send that through Amazon’s Kindle Previewer, a free app. It’s not quite perfect, but at least the pages look OK. As for the title page and the dedication, close counts. And you only thought that was true in hand grenades, nukes, and horseshoes!

The photo’s nice, though, IMHO.

If I get the document loaded before the weekend, I’ll be happy.

Are you SURE you want to try writing?

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