I finished revising the last chapter of Darwin’s World last night.

I expected to publish it today. Silly of me, I suppose.

But the book has my name on the cover; I’m responsible for it, all of it. So I am doing a final read through before publishing. And I’m finding small errors. A missing period here, an orphan letter left from an incomplete revision, a missing comma and one that shouldn’t be there, small errors but if they harm the reader’s experience with my book, it’s my duty to try to find them before they buy.

That’s what I’m doing. So if you decide to buy Darwin’s World, it will be as perfect as I can make it.

If you’re an aspiring indie author, I hope you do the same. As a class, our final editing is not up to, say, the standards of the New York Times or the Atlantic Magazine. And Darwin’s World has 103, 128 words, according to MS Word’s count. That’s a lot of potential errors to find!

And even if you have an editor, even if you have a proofreader, it’s not their name on the book.

So slow is preferable to permitting mistakes to slip through, mistakes I might find and correct. I’ll get there, and it will be a better book for my efforts.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it!

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