I’ve followed my own advice this week, keeping to the habits I’ve established.

Despite playing a gig at an elementary school and another jam band get-together at a community center, I’ve revised several chapters of Darwin’s World and written two chapters of Talent. One has been sent to Gina at Beyond the Far Horizon. This gives me a buffer as soon as Chapter 12 has edits posted; Gina has the two chapters for Monday and Tuesday’s postings, and with Chapter 12, she’ll have the following week’s submissions ready for posting too. Talent has about 32 000 words so far, of a planned length between 65 000 and 75 000 words. So Book five is about half done. It seems like I only began writing it a short time ago.

Did I mention that I work fast? And that I work long hours?

Darwin’s World has the potential to be my most popular series. DW is the first novel, the Trek is the second, and DW is almost finished with the revision process. I finished revising Ch 29 this afternoon and tomorrow I begin Ch 30 (of 34). The chapter revisions are going fast now; I suspect I’d achieved a breakthrough in my ability to write by the time I wrote these chapters. But for whatever reason, I expect Darwin’s World to be published commercially next week.

Just in time. Sales of Combat Wizard and Wizard at Work have slowed. Perhaps it’s the end-of-the-month syndrome; if you’re publishing indie, expect that Saturday sales will be among your best, and after-payday sales are much better than before-payday sales.

But adding a third book to my list on Amazon won’t hurt. That means that potential readers have three books to find, not just two. The more books you have available for purchase, the better you’re likely to do.

Darwin’s World is assembled, all the front material is ready and the end parts are in place. I’ll probably add a chapter of The Trek to the end as a teaser, but other than that, the book’s assembled. Pricing…always a subject to be agonized over, but this book is about a third longer than the two in the Wizards Trilogy on Amazon. I suspect I’ll price it slightly higher, most likely at $5.99. It’s easier to drop the price than it is to raise it, although that’s invariably going to disappoint people who paid full price to get the first downloads available.

That’s the other part of being an indie author; you do everything yourself, and if you get it wrong…

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