This blog is about writing; mine, and on occasion, the work of others.

There will be short stories from time to time and excerpts from my novels. But most of the posts will deal with writing, what it means to struggle with words that never quite seem to mean what you want them to mean. What it means to look at a blank screen and look deep into imagination, flavor that with memory, add research, and begin writing. It may deal with characters, why they’re likeable and why not. Since my preferred genre is Science Fiction, I will explore society as well; who we are, WHY we are the way we are, where we might go in future.

I’ll also post updates regarding progress of my work. Currently the Wizards Trilogy should be finished within a month or two, the third book in the Darwin’s World Series by the end of Summer.  More or less. I plan, real life modifies those plans.

I currently have two books available for purchase on Amazon, two others in the editing process, and two others being written. Of those, one consistes of two chapters and an outline, the other book is about half written.

There’s considerable information on my other blog ( about me, so I won’t recap here. Suffice it to say that I’m retired and frequently work 12-hour days. Sometimes longer. So I have time to write a lot, nonfiction and also novels.

Thanks for visiting; come back often, let me know your thoughts. I’ll answer as many of your comments as possible.

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